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Review: Stolen Nights

Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, #2)
Title:  Stolen Nights
Author:  Rebecca Maizel
Series:  Vampire Queen #2
Release Date:  January 29, 2013
Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin
Format:  eARC
Source:  Publisher via NetGalley

Lenah Beaudonte should be dead. But having sacrificed herself to save another, she finds herself awakening with strange powers that are neither vampire nor human—and a new enemy on her trail. In her vampire life, Lenah had thought that being human was all she ever wanted; but the human heart suffers pain, heartbreak and loss.

With her new powers growing and the dark force of the Nex after her soul, Lenah faces a choice: between the mortal love of gorgeous Justin, whose passion fed her human soul, and taking a different path to become the mistress of her own destiny, wherever that may lead...

Stolen Nights started off where Infinite Days ended.  Lenah is dealing with the fact that the ritual that was supposed to kill her didn't work and that that very same ritual left her soul mate Rhode alive as well, but this is the kind of magic that is never supposed to happen and there are consequences.

Lenah is given the choice to go back in time to where she was human girl where she will never meet her soul mate or stay in the present but not be allowed to be with him.  She chooses the present where she has her memories but can still see Rhode even if not in an intimate way.

This is a series that had me going though so many emotions it was incredible.  The love that these two share is beautiful.  The tragedy that befalls them is devastating and even the end we are left with uncertainty. 

Rebecca Maizel writes a twisted and complicated tale about what it is to love as a vampire and live with the desire to be human.  As soul mates Lenah and Rhode will forever be connected.

Sometimes love is so strong that it will defy even the hands of time.

We are left with one heck of a cliffhanger and I really hope we don't have a long wait for book three.

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