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Review: Blood Of The Sorceress

Title:  Blood of the Sorceress
Author:  Maggie Shayne
Series:  The Portal #3
Release Date: October, 12, 2012
Publisher:  Harlequin
Source: Publisher Via NetGalley


Their LOVE was destiny. Was a CURSE to be their undoing?

As an ancient king’s favorite harem slave, Lilia committed the worst of all possible crimes: loving another man. When the king discovered her treason, her lover was sentenced to lose his soul and linger in eternal imprisonment, and Lilia herself was executed alongside her sisters. While they reincarnated through countless lifetimes, she lingered alone between worlds for thousands of years, waiting for the moment to rescue her beloved Demetrius.

Now that moment has come. Demetrius has broken free, but without his soul and in the thrall of the same high priest who betrayed them so long ago; he has become a ravaging demon, devoting himself solely to pleasure and power. Somehow Lilia must convince him to reclaim his humanity, to abandon the enemy tempting him to give in to his cruel desires—or her life will be lost alongside his, both of them condemned to eternal damnation, eternal isolation, their love lost one final and irrevocable time.


Blood of the Sorceress was the final book in the Portal Series and I am so sad to see it end.  Lilia and her sisters will forever be in my heart.

Maggie Shayne is a true sorceress when it comes to the written word.  Her imagination is genuine and her ability to craft a magical world filled with such love and power is unrivaled.  The Portal series is undeniably the most extraordinary witchcraft story on the market today.

Blood of the Sorceress had me sitting on the edge of my seat with a prayer in my heart that these two characters would find that happy ending that we all strive for every day.  Demetrius has been through the worst kind of hell and Lilia has held on to hope when all has seemed lost. They have the kind of epic love that refuses to die and I felt like I have been right beside them throughout their journey.

The Portal Series holds a special place on my bookshelf as well as in my heart.  I hope that you take the time to read this remarkable story about three witches who against all odds right a tremendous wrong and live to love for the rest of their lives.


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