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Jessica Andersen: Interview and Giveaway

Today I have a special treat for you! 
Jessica Andersen is the best selling author of the Nightkeepers series and one of my all time favorite authors.
She has agreed to hang out with us here at Mortality Bites today to answer all your burning questions. 
Be sure to leave a comment or a question for her and you might be lucky enough to win a signed copy of Spellfire!
I have had the pleasure of meeting Doc Jess several times and she is not only an amazing author but she is a wonderful person. 
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The Nightkeepers series


Can you tell us a little about Rabbit's Book?

Well, it’s four hundred and some-odd pages long, has this great cover, and … LOL. Just kidding. Well, as you mentioned, SPELLFIRE, which is the finale of the Nightkeepers’ series, is Rabbit’s book.

For those of you who haven’t been along for the ride yet, the Nightkeepers are a group of modern-day men and women who are the only thing protecting us from the fall of the barrier separating the earth and a terrible underworld. Raised among us, the Nightkeepers only recently learned that they have incredible magical powers that follow the laws of ancient Mayan mythology. Now, it’s up to them to save us from the December 21, 2012 doomsday, using magic based on blood sacrifice and powered by sexytimes and love.
This is the eighth and final book, and in it, the most powerful Nightkeeper of all, Rabbit, must escape from a dreadful imprisonment, knowing that he has betrayed his teammates and nearly killed Myrinne, the woman he loves. But with the doomsday countdown in its final few weeks, the Nightkeepers have no choice but to rely on his powers. That doesn’t mean that they—and especially Myrinne—have forgiven him, though, or that they’ll trust him when the final battle begins.


Are you sad that it it over?  Is there any chance of a Nightkeeper spin off series?
I’m sad it’s over, but I’m proud to have finished the Nightkeepers’ story. While each of the books can be read alone, if you put them all together it tells a larger story of the war between good and evil, and the romances between the warrior-mages fighting it. I love that I was able to tell the whole story, even though it’s hard saying goodbye.

As for a spinoff, that’s not in the works right now. However, never say never … I do have some ideas for a pair of near-future stories with the twin sons of Patience and Brandt, all grown up and ready to whoop some demon butt.


I love your Typos from Hell on facebook.  They are hilarious!  What made you decide to share those with us?

Aww, thanks! I love the responses I get from them (for those of you just joining us, lots of them are also posted over at www.jessicaandersen.com). I can’t say it was a real decision, more that I sometimes make myself laugh, and liked sharing that with my Facebook friends. They got such a great response that I just kept going … and trust me, I make a lot of typos!
From facebook ~ Jessica Andersen 
From the typo desk (to my editor re: awesome new cover art): The colors and images really poop!


You have wrote several books.  What genre is your favorite to write and why?

Honestly, my favorite is the one I’m writing at that moment. If I don’t absolutely, utterly love the story I’m working on, then I need to be writing something else. And, yes, I’ve ditched projects before because I didn’t love them enough to put everything I had into them. I don’t like reading lukewarm stories, and I sure as heck don’t want to put one out there for readers like me!

I know you have a new series planned.  Would you be willing to share anything about that? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... We are not above begging!

LOL! Well, since you asked …

Brace yourselves, because it’s not anything like the Nightkeepers. It’s so not like the Nightkeepers that I’m even writing under a new pseudonym, so people who are used to Jessica Andersen writing running-screaming-adventure-romance books won’t pick these up expecting the same thing.

As of 2013, under the name Jesse Hayworth, I’ll be writing contemporary Western romances set at a family-run dude ranch in Wyoming. I’m drawing from twenty-some years of horse and farm ownership, a love of the outdoors, and a new, gentler world view that comes from being well loved by my new hubby, and not wanting to blow up the world anymore. And, yes, there are lots of puppies and kittens in these new books (horses, etc.), but there’s also plenty of laughs and romance, too. They won’t be for everyone who loves the Nightkeepers, admittedly, but I hope you’ll give them a try! The first one, SUMMER AT MUSTANG RIDGE, will be out in June.
You can check out her new series and read the first excerpt at Jesse Hayworth Website

Just for Fun

Favorite movie: Brendan Fraser’s Mummy.

Favorite TV series: Love me some Bones!

Favorite singer/band: Hubby got me into Mumford and Sons before it was cool, though I’ll admit that watching Rock of Ages the other week got me on a hair band ballad kick.

Sexiest fictional hero: Diana Gabaldon’s Jamie Fraser.

Favorite fictional villain: Dr. Evil. LOL.

Favorite fictional heroine: Sass from Linnea Sinclair’s Games of Command.

Your secret beauty tip: Shoulders back! It’s a silly little thing, but when I’m feeling dumpy and blah and want to change it rather than applying chocolate and wallowing, I make a point to stretch up tall and not slouch. I breathe better, feel better and look more confident, which makes me be more confident.


Thanks for having me! I’ll be giving away a signed copy of SPELLFIRE to a randomly chosen commenter, so have at it!
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  7. I am so sad to see the Nightkeepers come to an end. I have looked forward to each and every one needing to know what happens next. I will cross my fingers that you do the series on the twins soon. I had hoped you would tell their story. You are an amazing author I hope to one day attend a book signing of yours. I have the entire Nightkeepers series and would love to have them signed.

  8. Thanks for the chance to win! I can't wait to read Spellfire!!

  9. I am bouncing around here. My copy arrived today. If real life hadn't jumped up to bite me last week I would have ordered it on release day. Sigh.. Rabbit.

    Yes, I found both your new webpage and FB page. :) Can't wait.

  10. I have read the first Nightkeepers book and I own the second one, Dawnkeepers but haven't read it yet. Since this is the eighth book in the series I guess I would have a lot of reading to catch up on if I won this one.

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