Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Preview

I have a confession to make.
I am a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries!

 It's true.

  I get all fan girly over this show.  My husband loves to make fun of me because of it.  I even have this whole premiere party planned with my 13 year old cousin!!  We are going to watch season 3 final episode before the premiere and have popcorn and brownies.  She thinks Stefan is super hot but I think that Damon is the sexier brother.

What I want to know today is are you a fan of the show?
   Did you read the books?
  Also I've got to know are you Team Damon or Team Stefan?

The new season premieres on October 11th.
Today I have for your enjoyment the first preview of the new season!!

So are you as excited about this preview as I am?
  I love seeing Stefan be there for Elena but I liked seeing Damon be the bad boy who gives it to her straight!
It looks like Bonnie is going to bring it this season.  She is one powerful witch.
I wonder what is going to happen with the whole Caroline, Tyler, Klaus triangle.  Any thoughts?
I love this show and this preview has gotten me all crazy.
I don't know if I can wait till the 11th.
If you have read this far thank you for listening to me go all adolescent crazy for a few minutes!  If you watch the show I'm sure your just like me and if you don't watch the show well then you just don't know what your missing!


  1. Ahhhh!!!!! I can't wait! And I'm totally Team Damon. :)

  2. I am definitely Team Damon. That is one sexy S.O.B. I am sitting on the pins and needles barely being patient waiting for the return of one of the #1 shows in our house.


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