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ARC Review: The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands

The Lady is a Vamp (Argeneau, #17)

ARC Ebook

384 pages
July 31st 2012

Summary from Goodreads:

"New York Times" bestselling author Lynsay Sands, one of paranormal romance's original superstars, delivers a scorching and delightful story of a mortal man on a mission--and the Vamp who is his only hope.

One late night leads to . . .

Kidnapped When Jeanne Louise Argeneau left work, she never thought she'd end up tied down by a good-looking mortal. More attracted than annoyed, she quickly realizes there is more to her abductor than meets the eye.

One desperate act leads to . . .

Love? Paul Jones has need of a vampire, and only Jeanne Louise will do. He just has to convince this beauty of a Vamp to help him . . . never imagining that he would fall in love. But with the immortal world's answer to law enforcement hunting them, their time together is running out . . . and Paul and Jeanne Louise will need to risk everything to spend an eternity together.


The Lady is A Vamp is the 17th Argeneau novel.  I just cant get enough of this series and this book was no exception. 

Jeanne Louise has always been a character that has intrigued me.  She is a very fun loving but serious type of gal.  I was very excited for her to finally get to tell her story.  The book starts off with Jeanne Louise being kidnapped by Paul.  He is her co worker and one of the few humans who know about immortals.  Paul wants her to turn his terminally ill daughter into a vampire.  Livy is only five years old and he will do anything to save her. 

Jeanne Louise quickly becomes a willing victim when she realizes that Paul is her life mate.  She quickly falls in love with both Paul and Livy.  However they are on the run from the immortal enforcers because no one is allowed to kidnap an immortal and not be punished for it. 

While on the run they all get really close as a family and Paul finds that he loves Jeanne Louise,  He wants to be her life mate and live happily ever after but he is a great Dad and is set to give it all up so that Livy can be saved. 

In the end Jeanne Louise is faced with the decision to either save the life of the child she has grown to love or turn the life mate she was destined to have. 

This book is all about love.  The love of a father, a daughter and the love of a life mate.  It was very different form the rest of the series and it was heartbreaking but lovely all at the same time.

I couldn't ask for a better story and I cant wait to see what happens with their family in future installments of the Argeneau series.


  1. Sounds like a good one. I'm adding it to my TBR/Wishlist.

    Ashley @ Dr. Pepper Diva


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